Stirling’s Division | Muhlenberg’s Brigade | German Regiment


Organized July-September at Philadelphia, 5 Companies from eastern Pennsylvania, 2 from Baltimore County, Maryland, and 2 Companies from Frederick County, Maryland.

Entered Valley Forge with 340 assigned and 229 fit for duty.

Left Valley Forge with 397 assigned, 313 fit for duty.

Previous Engagements: Trenton-Princeton, Defense of Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Monmouth

Field Officers

  • Colonel Baron De Arendt
  • Lt. Colonel Ludowick Weltner
  • Major William Klein
  • Major Daniel Burchardt

Company Commanders

  • Captain Jacob Bunner
  • Captain William Heyser
  • Captain George Hubley
  • Captain Charles Batlell
  • Captain Benjamin Weiser
  • Captain John D. Woelppers
  • Captain Peter Boyer
  • Captain John Lorahgan
  • Captain Philip Graybill

Regimental Staff

  • Quartermaster Jacob Raybold
  • Adjutant Jacob Smith
  • Surgeon Ludwick Wurtenberger
  • Surgeon’s Mate Charles Ritter
  • Quartermaster Sergeant David Levy
  • Sergeant Major George Francis
  • Drum Major John Hurris