A Continental Army regiment had eight companies and was supposed to have over 500 soldiers; however, through attrition and other factors, the strength of most regiments at Valley Forge was much less. The following is a list of regiments that were present at some point during the Valley Forge Encampment.

1st Artillery Regiment
2nd Artillery Regiment
3rd Artillery Regiment
4th Artillery Regiment
Artificer Regiment

1st Connecticut Regiment
2nd Connecticut Regiment
4th Connecticut Regiment
5th Connecticut Regiment
7th Connecticut Regiment
8th Connecticut Regiment

1st Delaware Regiment

1st Light Dragoon Regiment
2nd Light Dragoon Regiment
3rd Light Dragoon Regiment
4th Light Dragoon Regiment

1st Maryland Regiment
2nd Maryland Regiment
3rd Maryland Regiment
4th Maryland Regiment
5th Maryland Regiment
6th Maryland Regiment
7th Maryland Regiment

1st Massachusetts Regiment
2nd Massachusetts Regiment
4th Massachusetts Regiment
8th Massachusetts Regiment
9th Massachusetts Regiment
10th Massachusetts Regiment
11th Massachusetts Regiment
12th Massachusetts Regiment
13th Massachusetts Regiment
14th Massachusetts Regiment
15th Massachusetts Regiment

New Hampshire
1st New Hampshire Regiment
2nd New Hampshire Regiment
3rd New Hampshire Regiment

New Jersey
1st New Jersey Regiment
2nd New Jersey Regiment
3rd New Jersey Regiment
4th New Jersey Regiment

New York
1st New York Regiment
2nd New York Regiment
4th New York Regiment
North Carolina
1st North Carolina Regiment
2nd North Carolina Regiment
3rd North Carolina Regiment
4th North Carolina Regiment
5th North Carolina Regiment
6th North Carolina Regiment
7th North Carolina Regiment
8th North Carolina Regiment
9th North Carolina Regiment
10th North Carolina Regiment

1st Pennsylvania Regiment
2nd Pennsylvania Regiment
3rd Pennsylvania Regiment
4th Pennsylvania Regiment
5th Pennsylvania Regiment
6th Pennsylvania Regiment
7th Pennsylvania Regiment
8th Pennsylvania Regiment
9th Pennsylvania Regiment
10th Pennsylvania Regiment
11th Pennsylvania Regiment
12th Pennsylvania Regiment
13th Pennsylvania Regiment

Rhode Island
1st Rhode Island Regiment
2nd Rhode Island Regiment

1st Virginia Regiment
2nd Virginia Regiment
3rd Virginia Regiment
4th Virginia Regiment
5th Virginia Regiment
6th Virginia Regiment
7th Virginia Regiment
8th Virginia Regiment
9th Virginia Regiment
10th Virginia Regiment
11th Virginia Regiment
12th Virginia Regiment
13th Virginia Regiment
14th Virginia Regiment
15th Virginia Regiment
1st Virginia State Regiment
2nd Virginia State Regiment

German Regiment
Grayson’s Regiment
Hartley’s Regiment
Hazen’s Regiment
Malcolm’s Regiment
Patton’s Regiment
Provisional Rifle Corps (Morgan’s)
Spencer’s Regiment