Section Three

Section Three

Maps and Additional Resources Related to the Philadelphia Campaign, 1777-1778

Western Heritage Mapping, Sean Noir

Rev War Animated Map Gallery

Duportail’s Map

“Draft and Plan of the Camp of Valley Forge-Order of Battalion of the First line.” Duportail served as tactical advisor to George Washington and later as the French Minister of War.

Western Heritage Mapping

Western Heritage Mapping has produced a series of animated maps illustrating the movement of military units in several battles during the Philadelphia Campaign beginning with the Battle of the Brandywine.

Maps of the “Environs of Philadelphia, 1777-1778”

During the Valley Forge Encampment

Maps by Russell D. Brindley, Park Guide, Valley Forge NHP
Forges, Furnaces, Hospitals, and Supply Centers 

Map by Russell D. Brindley, Park Guide, Valley Forge NHP

Garrisons and Expeditions

Military Engagements

The Potts Family

A Genealogical Sketch Through Four Generations

Including Isaac Potts, owner of Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge, and Jonathan Potts who served in the Medical Department during the Revolution as a physician and was at Saratoga and Valley Forge and at the Battles of Trenton and Princeton.

Hopewell Furnace

2 Mark Bird Lane, Elverson, PA 19520

Friends of Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site

Mark Bird, owner and ironmaster of Hopewell Furnace, also served as both Militia Colonel and as a Deputy Quartermaster General. However, his most valuable contribution to the war effort was in the production of 115 cannon for the Continental Navy and shot and shell for both the army and navy, including mortar shells used to help win the battle at Yorktown.

“REDCOATS” – A Short Film

Set in the Brandywine countryside, REDCOATS tells a fictitious, but very possible story of three Redcoats who pillage the home of a woman, her daughter and two grandchildren who have been left behind during the Revolutionary War, and get far more than they bargained for. Now you, too, can view the film online.

Chester County Planning Commission Philadelphia Campaign Videos

Several short videos related to the Philadelphia Campaign are available on Chester County Planning Commission website.

A SPECIAL NOTE of appreciation to Russel Brindley, Park Guide with the Valley Forge National Historical Park, for his contributions.

This Chronology Project is the ongoing work of Carris Kocher, a volunteer with the Valley Forge Park Alliance, and is still under construction. She welcomes any amendments or additions that might be sent to her through the Alliance.