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Search the Muster Roll

Search the Muster Roll by inserting a soldier’s last name, first name, or a portion of either of these.  For example, if unsure of the spelling of “Smythe,” enter “Sm” and click “Search.”  All entries with “Sm” in a name will appear.  Name search may also be combined with a state, regiment, rank, or ethnicity to refine the search.

To view soldiers in a given regiment, state, rank, or by ethnicity, leave the last and first name fields blank and select a value from the drop-down screens.  


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Muster Roll Project

This project, a fully volunteer operation, needs your support so that all of the soldiers that encamped at Valley Forge will be remembered well into our shared future. We welcome your support to maintain the Muster Roll as a free service so that everyone can discover or add to the legacy of the brave Americans at Valley Forge.


The Valley Forge Park Alliance


DISCLAIMER:  Information found on the Valley Forge Muster Roll has been compiled from original muster Rolls, payroll records, pensions, letters, orders, and other primary documents of the Revolutionary War.  However, many valuable records have been lost over time, and therefore our Muster Roll will never be considered complete.  

If you have information that may add to what is listed on the roll, please contact us.  We encourage and value any input.