Continental Army

Continental Army


General George Washington

Aides de Camp to the Commander-In-Chief

Lieutenant Colonel John Fitzgerald

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Hanson Harrison

Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Meade

Dr. James McHenry

Tench Tilghman

Adjutant General

Colonel Timothy Pickering (also served on Board of War)

Colonel Alexander Scammell (appointed January 5, 1778)

Inspector General

Major General Thomas Conway

Major General Friedrich von Steuben (appointed March 28, 1778)

Commander, Corps of Engineers

Brigadier General Louis Lebeque Duportail

Quartermaster General

Major General Nathanael Greene (appointed March 1778)

Assistant Quartermaster Generals

Charles Pettit

John Cox

Commissary General of Purchases

William Buchanan (August 1777 – April 1778)

Jeremiah Wadsworth (appointed April 1778)

Commissary General of Issues

Colonel Charles Stewart

Commissary General of Forage

Clement Biddle

Commissary General of Musters

Joseph Ward

Deputy Muster Master General

William Bradford

Assistant Director, General Hospital Department at Valley Forge

Dr. James Craik

Judge Advocate General

John Laurance

Paymaster General

William Palfrey

Baker General

Christopher Ludwick

Muskets: Variety was the term for firearms of the Revolutionary War, but of all the types of firearms available, the most important weapon for the infantry soldier was the smoothbore musket.
Smoothbore Musket

Collection photographs courtesy of Michael Ticcino,
George C. Neumann Collection, Valley Forge National Historical Park